lundi 19 octobre 2015

Louis Vuitton series 3 exhibition

Yesterday (last day of exhibition), I went to  the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition. Except the huge crowd I had a really great time and found it really interesting. You could find a reinterpretation of a fashion show and watching some French artisans working straight in front of you on the model " La malle ". They were answering our questions and this is how we found out that one bag takes 30 HOURS to be made and they are doing  average 5 bags a day which is crazy. Every 2 hours each artisans switch with an other one and the new one check meticulously if any mistakes then take back the work. From each screw to the glue everything is made in Louis Vuitton ! I really had enjoyed discovering Louis Vuitton universe and felt really proud and patriotic as a French born. I would love to recommend you this exhibition but unfortunately yesterday (18/10) was the last day. I might upload a video this week if I have enough footage, I'll let you update !

 Avec amour, Sophia. 

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