mercredi 22 juillet 2015


Recently I have been loving Miss Selfridge, specially the last collection. All that 70's inspiration got my heart ! Here is a little collage of what have been loving from the denim dungarees to the suede fringe jacket.

If you are not familiar with this 70's trend here are the key words : Denim / Flares / Fringe / Suede

The best thing is that the collection is super affordable for example this pair of super cute sandals down the collage for £38 really similar to my Carvela Kurt Geiger which are £95. And if you are in love with the pixie denim dress from the Alexa Chung x AG collection here is a super alternative for £29 perfect for summer time.

So here are my 9 must have pieces for this summer season and if you like any of them just click on the link down the collage to see the prices and all the details ;) 


And guess what ? all the items are on sale !

With Love, Sophia 

dimanche 19 juillet 2015


Hi guys, I am back this week with a new episode of my videos series, "City look". If you are not familiar with this concept, once a month I am making you discovering an area of London or a special event and my outfit of the day. For this month I went around the lovely and famous area of CAMDEN TOWN, I used to live there for few month and I really like it ! Thumbs up if you enjoy this kind of videos and comment me down below which area do you wanna see in the next one ;)


vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Off shoulder top / Bardot tee

Off the shoulder top or Bardot tee, it's a must have in your summer wardrobe. Super light and perfect for hot summer days I am obsessed with this kind of top, short sleeves for a romantic effect or long sleeves for some boho vibes ;) Easy to wear with a pair of shorts, skirts or even dungarees as in my previous style post. You can go for the striped one for a Saint-tropez look or the white shirt as BB ;)

With Love, Sophia 

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

How to shop in Primark ?

Yes, Primark is great, cheap and one of my favorite store to find little treasure BUT it's a nightmare shopping there on a saturday afternoon as Primark is super popular. The store is crazy busy with tourists or fashionistas and it's impossible to shop in those conditions ! I am not dealing with anxiety but when I am visiting primark in the middle of the day I am starting to get nervous and I am not feeling comfortable at all.

So I have been to Primark this morning at 9am (opening time is 8:30 if I am not wrong). And it was the paradise, no one around, all the clothes were tidy up, sorted by size. I really enjoyed walking around the store with no crazy crowd and pressure from people around.
Here are my 7 tips to succeed your shopping at Primark ;)

TIP N°1 : Wake-up early !
If you want to avoid the touristic crowd you have to go there before 10-11AM. I thought I will be the only crazy one going shopping at 8:45am but no ! we were few people around and it was really pleasant, like private sales ;)
TIP N°2 : Be confortable !
A legging, a T-shirt and some sneakers the less you wearing the better it is. So choose an outfit quick to take off to try on things in the dressing room.
TIP N°3 : Be organized !
I love walking around and discovering things BUT if you don't want to spend ages in stores. You need to be organise and to shop the same way you are dressing yourself. Starting by underwear and finishing with shoes. like this you are not wasting your times looking at everything and going straight to what you need !
TIP N°4 : Take your time ! 
I don't know why maybe because of the habit of being stressed in this kind of store. You will be speed and rushing yourself but KEEP CALM. You have time it's only 9:15AM except you and the sales assistant around to help you, NO pressure !
TIP N°5: Be reasonable !
I know it's a proper temptation shopping in Primark, and filling 2 baskets full of clothes because everything is cheap ! BUT you need to be rational and fixing a budget before starting shopping can be a nice way to be reasonable ;) 
TIP N°6 : Check the quality !
As Primark's product are cheap the quality can be imperfect this is why you have to be watchful with clothes or accessorize (you never know) and compare them.
TIP N°7 : Try it on !
It's only 9:30AM, normal people are working or sleeping, fitting rooms are empties, no one is queuing. So take time to try on the clothes because most of the time it looks good on the hanger but the color or the shape doesn't fit us properly ;)
Here we are, I hope this was helpful and I wish you a pleasant shopping ;)

With Love, Sophia 

lundi 13 juillet 2015

Flatforms mania

I am all about flatforms recently from sandals to sneakers, I am looking for the perfect pair AND the pair of my dreams are those silver flatforms derbies from Stella McCartney (see picture below). I have been on the hunt of the nicest pair of silver derbies or flatforms for so long and here we are, Stella heard my prayers. Derbies + Silver + Flatform = BIG CRUSH. I know they are not quiet new, you might have seen them on the feet of "it girls" last season, but I am getting obsessed with them days after days and I have seen so many dupes so far in different high street shops, from Zara to Topshop for less than £60 against £600 for the "Elyse" model. So if you are on the hunt of a lovely pair of flatforms here you are !


With Love, Sophia 

mardi 7 juillet 2015

Asymmetric denim skirt

Recently I have been loving two pieces to death, the first one is this lovely faux suede mustard jacket that you have seen in a previous postThe color is perfect for SS15 and goes with all my outfits. The second one is this gorgeous asymmetric denim skirt which looks exactly like a piece of Marques / Almeida. Here is a collage to give you an idea of the collection that I LOVE ! I will post some other looks with this skirt really soon and I am also tempted to do a fashion video about it ;)
H&M Tee l MISSGUIDED Jacket l ASOS Denim Skirt l CONVERSE Sneakers
With Love, Sophia 
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