mercredi 2 septembre 2015

#5FrenchstyleRules with Boohoo

Hello GuysI have teamed up with Boohoo to put together an outfit and share with you my #5FrenchStylesRules. 
What an interesting project for me, French ? ;)

As a massive 70's fan I choose a white blouse with some ruffle details which I really like. It's the perfect piece which looks great with many items in your wardrobe. Good Tip : if you love a piece and wear it more than once, do not worry about people noticing it. I mean if you feel comfortable and happy PLEASE REPEAT IT !
Shop the pieces :
Then I went for a denim dress which once again is not a surprise as a huge denim lover. And denim is one of the key piece of this season. The shape of the dress is perfect from day to night and goes really well with the blouse, you can also switch the blouse for a polo neck or a stripe teeshirt ;) 
As the outfit is more or less classic with the white blouse, I wanted something more fun for accessories so to finished up the look I choose this blue and green snake print bag which fits perfectly my baby blue heeled sandals from New Look. Good Tip : Playing with accessories can completely change an outfit, try it !
5 French styles rules from a French girl ? Here you go !

Rule N°1 : Stay true to yourself !
If you are more preppy and want to give a try to an edgy look, don't overdress yourself and avoid the total black outfit with dark lips / eyeliner. Keep it real and true to yourself try to add some accessories or key pieces like a leather jacket for example mixed to your own wardrobe.
Rule N°2 : Good basics
You don't need Alexa Chung's closet to do it well ! All you need is good basics (a denim skirt, a leather jacket, a white blouse, a pair of black boots...) and here you go. With good basics and some staple pieces you can create an amazing outfit.
Rule N°3 : Mixing fabrics
One of the most important rule for me is mixing fabrics and prints especially if you have a minimal look and enjoy head to toe black or monochrome outfits. Mixing fabrics like suede / denim / leather will make your outfits more interesting and trendy.
Rule N°4 : Understand your body shape
Sometimes it can be difficult to understand our body shape. A-line skirt/dress, off shoulder tops, flared jeans... each pieces are specific to each body shapes and you have many possibilities to play with your silhouette. 

Rule N°5 : Have fun !
Don't be scared of anything, if a morning you woke up with the envy of being sassy do it ! You have to dress YOU and play with your different personalities there is no code except BEING YOURSELF.

Shop the pieces :
Ruffle blouse l Denim dress l Snake print bag

I hope you liked this post and if you have any tips or rules I will be glad to read that in the comment box down below or on twitter with the hashtag #5FrenchStylesRules :)

With Love, Sophia 

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  1. I love your outfit! Blouse + denim dress is perfect! (and the sac is so cute hahaha)


    1. Thank you Alexis, it's true that a white blouse + denim dress is the perfect outfit ;)

  2. Beautiful outfit and photos. The denim looks great!

    1. Thank you Abigail, I am in love with this denim dress :)

  3. Gorge! Love how you've layered it over the frilly blouse!


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