jeudi 26 mars 2015

How To Style : 70s Trend

From the past 3 days, I am sharing with you my love for the 70's Trend. Suede, denim, flare, flowers and a bit of fur are the key pieces of this massive trend. 

If you want to give a try to this 70's mania, I will advice you a A-line suede skirt more flattering for any body shapes than straight ones then you can go for faux leather but the quality is going to be a bit cheap and that's the last thing you want so invest in one and good piece. Mine is from Asos, for £65 the quality is insane ! Regarding the colors you have two options the safe one which is going to be camel, black or brown or you can take a risk by choosing a yellow one or a burgundy definitely more fun !

One other key piece is the flower pattern, it can be on a maxi dress with a leather or denim jacket. That can also be an off-shoulder top, a playsuit or a scarf ! Really easy to wear and accessorize, it's definitely a must have in your wardrobe for a proper 70's look.

Last but not least the flared jeans ! for those who are not a pro 70's that can be a bit too much but trust me a pair of flared jeans is incredibly flattering. According to your body shapes you can choose it hight waisted or low rise but in both case that will give more proportions and don't forget a pair of platform to give more length to your body ;)

Voilà, you are ready to face the 70's ! for more inspiration watch my video, I have styled 3 different outfits with the 70's key pieces.

With Love, Sophia 

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